Stickers for Branding - Sticker Canada

Stickers for Branding - Sticker Canada

Stickers are a great way to create Brand Awareness.  I've been using stickers in my Alma Rosa packaging since I started my business.  I include thank you stickers inside my mailer boxes and I also use them on my craft paper bags.  My Rose logo is quite recognizable, so I like to use it any opportunity I get!

I recently collaborated with Sticker Canada to create some custom stickers.  I wanted to create a sticker to use as a seal for my mailer boxes (wax stamps were my inspiration).  I've been using tape to close my boxes but wanted to elevate the way I was doing this.  I think I managed to create a great sticker seal for my mailers.  When you open the box the sticker gets broken, but my word logo is still on the underside of the box.  

It's nice to support other Canadian Small Businesses.  Check out Sticker Canada the next time you are looking for custom stickers.  They have a huge variety of sticker options including vinyl and other materials that work well for things like water bottles.  I think water bottle stickerswill be next for Alma Rosa Jewelry!




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