PIEDRA EARRINGS - White, pink and gold leaf Polymer Clay, Bold Statement Earrings

PIEDRA Earrings. Polymer Clay, Bold statement earrings with organic irregular stone shapes, 4 components attached with gold fill jump rings.

Hello statement earrings! You cannot miss noticing such gorgeous adornment on your ears.  Everyone will take notice! One day we will be able to dress up and go to fancy events again. It's hard to believe these earrings are light as a feather, but they are. Weighing in at a whopping 12 grams. A gemstone earring of this size and length would be pulling on your ear lobes. Being so light weight, enables polymer clay designers to really push the limits with size and shape in our jewelry designs.

These Piedra earrings are my proprietary design.  I drew the organic stone shapes in Adobe Illustrator and had the clay cutter's 3D printed for my exclusive design.   You won't find these shapes with any other Polymer Clay artist!


6mm Titanium ear posts with stainless steel pad. These posts are made in the USA.  Note on Titanium; it is now the most popular metal for dental and medical implants.  it is also becoming popular for flat pad earring posts, due to the fact that very few people have allergic reactions to Titanium jewelry.

Post comes with a 10mm silicone backer to keep the earring on your ear. These backers are great because they help keep the earring from "drooping" on your ear. 

This is a handmade item and minor variations may occur compared to the photo. Because of its handmade nature, slight imperfections are part of its charm.  I promise each one of my creations have been made with lots of care and attention to detail to make them as perfect as possible. You will feel the love when you wear them!




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