14K Gold Fill - SMALL Hammered Hoops with Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer diamonds are a type of quartz crystal that is mined in upstate NY.  They are dug out of the ground exactly as you see them - with terminated points at each end.  

5/8" Small Hammered Hoops made from 14K Gold fill wire are a great staple for any jewelry box.  This is the smaller version of our popular hammered hoops.  Lightweight and understated, but I promise they won't go unnoticed.  I get compliments on mine whenever I wear them.  quartz  crystals are approximately 3/8" long from point to point.  Small black mineral inclusions are visible in these crystals, as well as tiny rainbows when held up to the light.  Apparently quartz "vibrates" at a very high frequency!



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