Turquoise Pairs Bracelet with 14K Gold Fill Chain

There is something about 2 gemstones nestled together that makes a perfect design element.  It's simple, elegant and makes a statement on your wrist, while still maintaining a delicate sophistication.

Perfect for layering or wearing alone. Looks equally nonchalant with jeans or sweats.  For me the colour turquoise will always be a neutral!   These exquisite 2.5mm turquoise beads were mined in Mexico.

To be perfectly honest, turquoise bracelet is so comfortable that I hardly ever take it off.  Don't tell anyone because we don't recommend wearing an Alma Rosa Jewelry in the shower or to sleep in!

These bracelets are made to order.  Custom sizes are available if you need one, just send me a message.  The most popular sizes are listed below.  I like to wear this bracelet with just a bit of ease.  One fingers space of wiggle room if you are measuring your wrist.  



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